Do i need to pay the hospital in case of planned Cashless Hospitalization?

I have applied for cashless hospitalization from the TPA. The authorization has been granted to the hospital to proceed further. But the hospital authorities demand that i pay an amount of Rs. 10,000 prior to hospitalization in advance. This is for the hospital expenses that would not be covered by the insurance. When i enquired the TPA, i was suggested to pay the advance. Please shed some light on this. Is it really necessary to pay the advance?

Please suggest a good health insurance policy which covers max medical expenses in affordable premium?

I am a student and would like to take an insurance policy which will take care of my hospital/surgery bills if at all needed.

I had a health/mediclaim insurance from my employer when I was working. It was good and took care of my hospitalization expenses a couple of times.

Now that I am not earning any salary, I may not be able to afford such bills if at all I fall sick or undergo a surgery. So I want to be covered by a good mediclaim health insurance policy. Please suggest one.