What are the procedure to buy property in india. Holding PIO card in Singapore. pls give full details.?

Whether do I need to pay any income tax or property tax.
I am Singaporean. I am holding person of Indian origin card. What I know is foriner is not eliglbe to buy agri land. anyway i am interested to buy land or plot in taml nadu ( Chennai).
Please explain about PAN card. If I need to apply how and where to apply.
Mr. Ajay are you refering permenant address in India?

Gold ETF Tax and ITR -2 columns/schdule?

I have sold few gold etf units as per following details
1. 5 units with holding of 9 months (Gain 10,000)
2. 10 units with holding of 15 monts (Gain 20,000)
3. 7 units with holding of 4 years ( Gain 25,000)

I want to know what tax rates are applicable of these gains
and in which column/schdeules these gains have to be shown in ITR-2