Tax payment after resigning from a company and going for higher studies?

Hi I am an Indian resident. I was an employee of an IT firm in India for the past 3.5 years until i resigned shortly 2 weeks back as i would be going for higher studies a couple of months later. Mean time i would be preparing myself for the study and not to be engaged in earning. So i need to know do i need to pay the tax after i resigned from the company and the fact i am no more a salaried person. If yes what’s the structure like?

Want to send my son for higher studies in Australia, what should I do?

Hi, My name is Sunish and I have been investing for many years now. I know I have bought enough real estate to fund whatever I want to fund in my life but I have to send my child to Australia for further studies next year and I don’t know whether I should sell my property to fund his education or not. As real estate market is down I might not get the right valuation of my property, should I sell my property.

What is the higher interest rates?

I want to invest Rs. 50,000/- on the name of my son, who is only 6 months now. I want to keep money for at least 12-15 years for his education. What is the best investment plan? Is PPF best? I have already open PPF a/c in SBI on my name. OR If I keep this amount as FD, then which bank’s interest rate is high. What about LIC or other insurance compnay, who will give me good returns after 12-15 years. I want my son’s future bright. Please tell me best investment plans.