How to repay loan taken in Dubai from India ??

My relative has taken a couple of personal loans in Dubai to the tune of Dhs50,000. He came to India on a vacation and is unable to go back due to health reasons. Our family has pooled in the money to pay back the banks (Stan Chart and Citibank). My questions are :
1. How can we repay the bank loans from India ?
2. How can we repay credit card loans from India
3. Are there any legal proceedings I should follow ?

Your answers will be very helpful. Thanks to everyone in advance

Is my diversified portfolio a good one?

With Rs.15,000 I plan to invest in the following stocks(number of shares not decided). I just want a fundamentalists view on them:
1.Alok industries
2.Aarti Drugs
3.Apollo Hostpitals
4.Amrutanjan Health care
6.India Cements
7.ITC India
8.Larsen and Torbruo
12.Bombay dyeing

Yes, I plan to make regular investments until I’m 45 😀