Best Health Insurance / Mediclaim provider company/scheme?

I am searching online for Best Health Insurance / Mediclaim provider company/scheme and I found the followings

* ICICI Lombard which has highest premium
* Bajaj Allianz schemes
* New India Assurance (Previously I have)

Reliance General Insurance: I found lowest premium and family floater plan “HealthWise” and thinking for purchase this scheme. what do you think about it. more information at

Need Health Insurance for Family (India)?

Hello Guys,

I am 23 years old & I have parents of age as following

Mom – 43 yrs
Dad – 60 yrs

I need health insurance for our family & I am not married yet.

My purpose for health insurance is to cover hospital expenses for my parents mostly with coverage of 2 lacs rupees.

I have no idea what I should opt in for.

I also want to know whatever premium I pay, is that wasted in case we haven not utilized it or we will get some of it back.

What will be more beneficial Life insurance or Health insurance