Which is the best policies for Life Insurance and Health Insurance ?

Iam 27 years old and married.I have my father,mother and wife as my dependents and our kids in future.i want to get life insurance for me and Health Insurance for my whole family as they are fully depending upon me.

– I already have Jeevan Anand from LIC
Sum Assured : 5,00,000.00
Policy Term – 74 (Premium payment term – 17)
– i am ready to spent another 20-25 thousand as annual premium for Health and any other good policies.It will be better if its consider as a good investment also.

So please suggest me good policy from LIC and a Health Insurance policy available now.
Your advises will be highly appreciated.

which is better mediclaim or health insurance?

I strongly feel theres need to invest some money for sudden health problems. I have invested in stocks but suffering loss in market, getting better results in mutual funds. Looking for some other options where i can save my money for health emergency. Kindly guide me which is better mediclaim or health insurance in India?

Which is Best health insurance policy in India for individual?

So far I have learnt that Reliance healthwise is a pretty good policy. Are there any better policies in the Indian Market for individuals. There are some active groups offering membership plus health insurance with benefits of group insurance policy. More comments on these groups? You know of any such groups and their covers?
Oh yes.. I am looking for replies on general insurance companies only and NOT life insurance which offer health insurance based ULIPs.

what exactly is medicare supplement health insurance plan ?

is it like combining your standard medicare plan with some private insurance ? is it ok to do that ? If i do so will I get a new card from the private insurance company ? will my standard medicare card will be useless then ?
thanks guys,, but i am wondering which will be my primary insurance then… mcr or the private insurance company ?

Which health insurance plan is best in india. I need it for my father who has to undergo an operation shortly.?

My father has to undergo a varicose veins operation shortly and i am planning to buy a health insurance plan for the same(in india). Which is the best one that i should go for. Is there some time limit after the date of insurance before which i cannot avail any benefit if i go for surgeries? I have minimal knowledge regarding health insurance plans and how it works. Please share some information regarding this.