how to renew irda license without contarcting my parent company?

I IRDA license going to expire with by the end of this year, which was take from Relaince Life Insurance , but from last one year i had not any business with them , so they refused to renewal my IRDA license, but meanwhile i am doing star health insurance business regularly.
Plz advice me how to get renewal without reliance life company.

India – Health Insurance – Does the base premium is fixed for all the years or increases even if not claimed?

In India Health insurance companies coveres pre-existing diseases after 2, 3, 4 years of paying the premiums regularly. 1) I am having bp and sugar. Does my diseases will be covered after 4 years ?? do i have to disclose after 4 years, or at the time when i got a need to admit as in patient. 2) Second doubt, does the base premium is fixed or does it increases based on age slots. Even we not applied for claim kindly advice. thank you