What should i do? should i start some job or should i continue studing something? please reply me Soon.?

my name ia Rahul, 20 years old. i m livin in chandigarh. i want to shift to mumbai & m gonna b shift there in few weeks. ma dad passed away 11years ago, so bcoz of no guidence, i didn’t got ny knowladge or guidence about/related to ny field. my mom is working in punjab national bank as a Clerk. i hav done +2 in 2005, droped 1 year n recently i hav taken 1st year exams of B.A. through corresspondence. earlier i wanted to start something in ny business field(nt specific). i learned printing business for 3moths, opticals business for 2months but at last i found that i m not eligible in financial as well as in man power for doing any business. i was never good, was average in studies. but now i want to do some professional course timed for maximum 1 n a half year in mumbai. please tell me sumthing n guide me for some way. I KNOW N HAV CONFIDENCE DAT IN WHICH FIELD I’LL GO, i’ll DO d best n i’ll acchieve d best, wether dat field ir difficult or sumthing. please guide me d best. n SOOOOOOOON

pls tell me what is ULIP plan,, ?

i hav no idea bout it, some 1 suggested to me from the birla sun life insurance,, what will happen if i pay the 3 premiums , 1 per annum
hw much will i get after three years????
is it related to the condition of the market???
suppose i pay 6000rs as premium
should i finish it when market is at its peak??
pls gv a genuine advice

how do i raise a capital in such a case?

i am a student of 19, earning a little over INR 2000 pm in part time. i have seen a gud business opportunity but hav no capital. i have frnds although who r as passionate abt d idea as i am, but all v need is the money.
money needed is INR 200,000 for deposit in the space we've seen to rent out, 25,000 upfront for rent pm, plus additional money for staffing out people and renting out furniture which wud come out to another 50,000…
hoping you people wud b kind enough as always to guide me through 🙂
p.s. id be glad if negative comments r kept away, thank you

i m a house wife and earned more than Rs 10000 as an int. i hav 2 pay income tax. how much?

I am a house wife and i have earned more than Rs10000 in a year as an interest. so do i have to pay the income tax. if yes how much. please suggest me some methods how to save my money and pay minimum tax. I do not have much money. and also i don’t want to invest my money in post offices. is there any rebate if i deposit my money in recurring deposits? if yes than how much. please suggest me.