Will it be viable,A shop selling Mutual funds and Insurance only?

I am planning a unique venture, to open a shop (sort of office like) not a big one, aimed at promoting mutual funds and insurance policies.Mutual funds of all companies can be sold and insurance agencies of may be one or two companies.
1) Is it viable
2) What are the steps to be taken to suceed
3) The dimensions of the shop’
Please reply.

Is Indian economy is booming as claimed by Govt of India? Then why sensex crashes every time DOW drops?

Our govt claims that Indian economy is booming. If that is so why every single time the DOW Jones index drops just few points our Sensex just crashes drop hundred points. If economy is booming why more than half of the population is still under below poverty line and still we hear people dieing of hunger. According to me our economy is not strong but just bubble solely dependent on the supply of dollors pumped into the country by the NRI’s. The day NRI’s stop sending dollors back home Indian economy bubble bursts. Will some one throw more light on this.

Hi am a Sales Manager in a Life insurance company in India an this is my first job?

I am finding very difficult to sell policies because people fear investing in private Insurance companies especially in ULIPs. When ever I go for call people say that some one know to him had invested in some plan( ULIPS) and now he is left with amount half of what he had invested. Now this so called recession and pressure of Bosses, please guide me to sell policies and to convince people in ULIPs