How can I know whether there is any hidden agent behind a government sponsored Group Rural Insurance Policy?

I am the custodian of the policy document of a group-rural-accident- insurance-cover policy, sponsored by a government organization. The organization paid the entire premium amount for thousands of villagers. The policy, tailor-made for the organization, was negotiated directly by the officials of the organization, with the insurance company managers. The insurance company too is owned by government. The implicit understanding was there were no agents or commissions. However rumours persisted that there were indeed agents and commission too was paid for the policy. When I scrutinised the policy document recently, I too found some clauses, suspicious. For example, there are entries for Development Officer and Agent Codes. The customer type is given as ‘non-corporates’. How can I ensure that there was no agents and no commissions were paid? Can an expert find the truth out from the policy document itself?