Family property dispute , my grandfather had house constructed and gave possession of ground floor to my?

father , we are living there for last 40 yrs, he had 3 sons , after intestate death of my grandfather and my father and 1 uncle , the family cliam division of property in 1/3 rd . My father had put lot of money in construction of house and had renovated from time to time and no one had any objection then.
pls advice , can i retain ground floor of my hosue in possession.

How much would it cost to construct a house in noida?

How much would it cost to construct a house on an 1800 sq-ft land in Noida.(somewhere in sector 39 to be exact.) Given that the finished house would have two floors (ground+1st) with independent 3BHK units on both floors and carpet area would be as much as the local laws allow. (I'm talking about an average 2floor 3BHK house, nothing fancy though). An estimate would be greatly appreciated.