Credt Card/Mastercard help? ._.?

Ok so I looked up a few things and it’s required to be 21 to get a MasterCard.
All I really need is a credt card to buy things online, and recieve money via Paypal. (I get paid via the internet Via YouTube)
Is MasterCard the only way or are there others?
P.S. I don’t wanna wait intil 21 to get a MasterCard.
Also, I currently have a bank account/savings account.
Alright, but you didn’t have to be such a dick Calvin.

Pension and gratuity?

I had joined govt of India service in sep 1984 as a post of senior pharmacist I resigned not under voluntary retirement scheme but just resigned by giving three months notice in the year Dec 2002 I was only paid my G.P.F contribution which I made and nothing else when I asked the department about my gratuity and about my pension they replied I quit the service so I am not eligible for any benefits can anyone help me out if I am eligible for anything and how to proceed at present I am working abroad

How do we fill the details regarding the Retirement Benefits in the ITR1?

Please tell how are the following details regarding the Retirement Benefits have to be filled in the ITR1 form?

Commutation of Pension
Leave Encashment
Payment from Provident Fund
Payment from Superannuation Fund
(These are covered under Section 10 for tax rebate)
(Which section in ITR1 is used for defining the rebate under section 10?)