Is Indian economy is booming as claimed by Govt of India? Then why sensex crashes every time DOW drops?

Our govt claims that Indian economy is booming. If that is so why every single time the DOW Jones index drops just few points our Sensex just crashes drop hundred points. If economy is booming why more than half of the population is still under below poverty line and still we hear people dieing of hunger. According to me our economy is not strong but just bubble solely dependent on the supply of dollors pumped into the country by the NRI’s. The day NRI’s stop sending dollors back home Indian economy bubble bursts. Will some one throw more light on this.

What would happen to you, when Govt. will take over all assets of a dead person like a tax for redistibution?

Unearned assets which are received in inheritance after death of any relation widen the asset disparity. Corruption will also decrease when one knows that why to collect unreasonable assets when it will be taken by Govt.
Your reaction on feasibility of such kind of radicalism?
Estates should be only for life estates, not in perpetuity. Because of perpetuity one wish to enjoy at the cost of others who are being deprived even to get their basic need satiated.

Enquiry on Family Pension of a retired Cental Govt.Employee?

One of my old aged relative was a central govt. employee who retired in mid 1975. His wife passed away due to a carcinogenic ailment. He is presently aged around 93 years, who have a son aged approx.60 yrs.old, who is a total mentally retarded with ill health and is fully dependant on his father for the last 35 years. The pernsioner is also having two younger son & daughter both married & staying in nearby area. He is staying alone with his mentally retarded son in a very shabby condition.He is having a persisting mental agony for this retarted son and want some arrangement for his crippled son before he passes away. The pensioner confides on her married daughter rather than the married son. So he wants that the family pension benefit to be passed for the maintenance of his retarded son by nominating his daughter.His financial standing otherwise is meagre for his son’s maintenance after his death. Can anyone provide detailed guidelines as to how the pensioner can make such arrangement.