Little problem with a cash flow statement ?

Hi, Im making a cashflow statement for an imaginary firm, and I want to know if we took a loan and paid an annuity for it that same year how does it reflect in the statement?
Im guessing its + for the loan and – for the annuity under the financing activities but Im not sure.
Thanks in advance.

Where can I find real estate courses in Delhi?

I am still looking for some information on institutes offering real estate courses in Delhi. There are few institutes which mentions in their online advertisements about offering real estate courses but once you visit their website, you won’t find one. Any information about short or long courses is highly appreciated.

Is it good to invest in IDBI.? I want to Invest around 15 Lakhs .?

I am afraid of investing in any private bank . I am not interested in their beautiful offers.
Since IDBI and Andhra Bank are some of leading Public Sector Banks, I wnat to Invest my amount.Please confirm my idea. And also request to suggest any other ways where my money is safe and earns good results and there should not be tax deduction. I am fed up with Govt policies to tax every thing. I cannot pay any taxes.