the govt promoted home loan and in the new income tax code wants to eliminate benefits. it is fair.?

the governement allowed all sorts of benefits on houme loans and now in the new income tax code, it is to be eliminated. is it fair. how do you take it. besides all financial benefits including pensionary benefits are to be taxed. where is the incentive. there is no meaning for welfare savings. should not the home loan benefit be continued to promote housing sector.

As a layman out of the U.S. can somebody in economics tell me why the U S Govt bailed out the banks ?

Was it a free lunch or were there conditions behind the bail out, is what I am interested in. I know the collapsing of the banks due to heavy loan disbursements against mortgages. They collapsed because the people having taken those loans, lost them in the Stock market etc and they cannot repay the loans and instead preferred to surrender the mortgaged property to the Banks.