My father is a retried government servant. He was retried on medical grounds, and a certificate is also issued?

My father is a retried government servant. He was retried on medical grounds, and a certificate is also issued that the person should be is unfit to work on medical grounds, an was granted invalid pension. the question is do my father can take the senior citizen facilities for tax purpose, travelling prupose etc, due to the same reason, if it is so can you please send me the circulation copies of the same.

Guidance to claim family pension for handicapped son of defense civil pensioner.?

Can anyone provide guidance regarding me Claims for pensioner awards in respect of a deceased Defense civil pensioner who left behind his mentally retarded elder son (Unable to earn his livelihood), a younger son who is a government servant and having his own family and a married daughter?

The original family pensioner, Late Pratime Sinha (WIFE OF PENSIONER) passed away before the pensioner on 08-06-2003. During the lifetime of the existing family pensioner (Pensioner’s wife) the Pensioner submitted his request to the Pension authority, to record the payment of Family pension to his elder son after the lifetime of his wife, as his elder son is a mental patient since very long. The stated intimation in terms of Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) O.M. No. 1 (3) – EV (b)/74 dated 30-09-74 circulated under D.G.O.F. letter No. 307/R/A dated 06-01-1975. was submitted by the pensioner on 11-09-1995, which was duly receipted by the HOO & the PDA on 13-10-1995

The pensioner as per the government guidelines have nominated his younger son as his nominee for the pension account to whom he wished to authorize Life Time Arrear and family pension to his mentally retarded son, on his demise. He have duly submitted his nomination in favor of his younger son to the PDA to avoid hardship to his nominee to get the pension for the living of his mentally retarded elder son.

Under the circumstances, I wish to know the exact procedure to claim the family pension in favor of the mentally retarded elder son of the recently deceased pensioner, with the nomination for payment to his nominated younger son as his natural guardian.

Any guidance will be of immense help and bear my obligation.