Best Health Insurance/Mediclaim for Senior Citizens in India?

I have seen that in India people above 45 find it difficult to get a good Health Insurance Cover. Moreover for people above 60 it is a daunting task to get a simple coverage with least sublimits. Can anyone help on this? I will be really grateful.

Also how much can I claim as Tax Benefit for Parents?

Type of insurance to get if 70 yr old mom wants to be buried overseas.?

My 70 year old mom wants to be buried in the Philippines when she dies. She’s still in good health but I know this process of shipping the body is going to cost a lot; hence need advanced preparation. Is there a type of insurance I can get for her to cover this cost? She doesn’t have a life insurance here, and when I checked they cost a fortune for her age. If not a life insurance, what other type of insurance should I look into?