Can you guide me please?

Just now I have invested money in ULIP ( Life Time Gold Plan ) under ICICI Prudential Life Insurance with the condition that I have to invest still 2 years more. ( Totally 3 Years Investment ). I have a hope that I will get double the return in this investment. Can you tell me Whether i will get Return as my hope? If i wrongly invested, please guide me to invest at which&Where to get more returns.

Which bajaj ULIP plan should i buy?

I’m 25 yrs old,single.
i’m looking for an investement in bajaj ULIP for 20Thousand annual premium for insurance of 20 lac for 30yrs term as i dont want any term plan.

can you please help of any plan which has least PAC and mortalility and other charges.i compared UNITGAIN PLUS GOLD with NEW UNITGAIN PLUS and found NUG plus has less PAC and mortality charges than Gold plan
but NUG plus has been stopped for some IRDA norms.

An agent told me bajaj NUG plus has been replaced by NUG plan.
which plan should i go for?
please help me
I’m looking int 20 yrs of investestment with 20k premium every year.