How to give POA to my wife for the property in India?

My husband has some ancestral property in India. He does not travel to India as often as I do because his parents are not alive. However, I go every year. So, he would like to give a POA to me (both of us are NRI’s). What is the process? I have given my POA to my Dad who is in India. But in this case both of us are in abroad. Please explain.


Can I give power of attorney in Thane for selling a property in Dombivli to someone?

I live in US and currently visiting India. I have a property in Dombivli. I would like to sell it and want to give power of attorney to someone. Someone told me that I need to be present with my POA in Dombivli. Is it true? Can I not do it in Thane Court Naka, saving a trip to Dombivli as my current address is Thane. I thought it may be possible, as Dombivli is in Thane district, too. I want this to be confirmed by someone.

Kindly give me the rate of tax applicable to my income.?

My monthly income is 20,000 which I get from my house property. I have a endowment policy with the LIC for Rs.200000/ for which I pay an annual premium of Rs.4,000/-. I have policy with the Bajaj Allainze group which is called UnitGain Plus policy for which I pay an amount of Rs.10,000/- annually. I dont know whether mutual fund investments are deductible under 80 C. Kindly clarify. Pls specify other deductions applicable.