Can the grandfather of a minor girl child act as a representative assessee under income tax act?

A 3 yr old girl child lost her father in accident. She is survived by her mother. There is a proposal for remarriage of her mother. She may stay with her grand parent after her mother’s remarriage. That, however, is not certain. A PAN application is to be made in her name immediately. Whether her grand father can become a representative assessee under income tax act, though her mother is alive?

what is the best LIC plan for a working girl ?

I am planning for open a LIC insurence plan for 10+ yearsb but i am unable to choose the best one. please give me some idea about it. i am a middleclass working girl with a monthly income of Rs. 10,000. Also I am planning for my marriage next year with my own expences too. so keeping in mind which plan would shuite me better for my future. plz help.

which is the best insurance plan for 26yrs of age?

Iam 26 yrs old, married and have a 6 months baby girl, need advise for best insurance for future needs like studying and marriage. now i can save 4k-5k per month..i want to get a good amount of 25 lacs after 15 or 20 yrs. So which term plan will be the best plan to invest.please advise…