What is MUTUAL Fund & is it safe for general ones to invest ?

I’m a guy of 26 years old and doing job in BPO sector
I invest my all salary in bank because I don’t know what is mutual fund
Can anyone pls tell me in a easier way (bcos whn my frnd try to xpln me I didn’t get it at all but I act as if I got it ) so pls xpln dat lucidly
as one of my friend gets profit an another one looses
so what should I do ?

How many General Insurance agencies can one take?

As the question itself suggests, I am looking for taking up General Insurance licence in New Delhi, India. I like Apollo Munich Health insurance, but then they just offer health insurance like other players in the market (Eg. Star Health). I want to have fire insurance, car insurance, etc too. So can I take up ICICI Lombard along with Apollo Munich or Star? Or is it that I can only take up an agency from one insurer just like in the case of Life Insurance.?

Any advice or help would be greatly thanked. 🙂