where to invest in Mutual Funds ?.?

I have to invest 1000 + 1000 per month in MF for 5 years and more.

which are good in these ?.

Sundaram Select Midcap – Growth
Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund – Growth
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund – Growth
Reliance Banking Fund – Growth
Reliance Pharma Fund – Growth

Age : 29

Best Equity Diversified Mutual Funds?

Dear All,

I am a first time investor in Mutual Funds. After going through Value Research online, I have selected the following funds for SIP (Rs. 14k pm).
Please tell whether my decision is correct:

Franklin India Prima (Growth) :: Rs.1000
Franklin India Prima (Dividend with Reinv) :: Rs.1000
HDFC Equity (Growth) :: Rs.1000
HDFC Equity (Dividend with Reinv):: Rs.1000
Magnum Contra (Growth) :: Rs.1000
Magnum Contra (Dividend with Reinv) :: Rs.1000
Magnum Global (Growth) :: Rs.1000
Magnum Global (Dividend with Reinv):: Rs. 1000
Reliance Growth (Growth) :: Rs.1000
Reliance Growth (Dividend with Reinv):: Rs. 1000
Reliance Vision (Growth) :: Rs.1000
Reliance Vision (Dividend with Reinv):: Rs. 1000
Sundaram BNP Select Midcap (Growth) :: Rs.1000
Sundaram BNP Select Midcap (Dividend with Reinv) :: Rs. 1000

Question about mutual funds.?

Generally one invests in mutual fund in SIP mode, once in a month. Does it make sense to break up the amount invested per month in smaller amounts and invest on different days in one month? e.g., instead of investing Rs1000 once in a month, one can invest twice (on two different days), each time for Rs500. This way one can take advantage of two different NAVs on different days. What is your opinion?