What should I do to collect my salary from a private firm (Star Health) which has not paid me for 4 months?

Hi, I am a doctor and I have worked for a Health Insurance company called ‘Star Health’ as a District Medical Officer (DMO) under Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme (a government initiative). My job was on contract basis and I worked from November 2nd, 2009 to March 2nd, 2009. I have not been paid for any of these 4 months and that was the precise reason for my resignation.

Since then, I have been pursuing with the staff about my salary but there has been no response from them. I have also contacted the CEO, an IAS officer but he too did not respond.

I want to know what options do I have to collect my salary from them. Any legal opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

How is Term Insurance different from Life Insurance?

I am planning to buy an life insurance policy of around 25-30 lakhs. I have heard about this new insurance product- term insurance. I wanted to know its benefits and how is it different from life insurance. thank you for your help. I would really appreciate your efforts if you can help me out with this as soon as possible. thanks!

i wanted to invest rs 5000 in mutual fund?

i wanted to invest rs 5000 in mutual fund so which co. will b better to invest by ur opinion.SUGGEST ME SOME WAYS WHICH WILL BE BETTER FOR ME TO INVEST MY MONEY OR EITHER GIVE SOME SITE NAME FROM WHICH IT CAN HELP ME TO INVEST MY MONEY