BSE Sensex Index History?

I want the entire BSE Sensex history (at least the closing values) for the last 20-22 years or so.
Where can I download this data from? (preferably in Excel format)

Mailing address format in India : Is this correct?

I’d like to have an exact format of business mailing address in India (comma, abbreviations….) I wanna know if this is correct or not :

PNB Building, 4th Floor
5 Wallace Street, Fort
400 001 Mumbai

…or do I have to use Bldg. for building and 4/F instear of 4th Floor?

How to caluculate the revised period of Home Loan?

I have taken a floating rate housing loan and have made a part pre-payment. The interest rate have also reduced twice since the date the loan was disbursed to my account. I have opted for reduction in the loan tenure instead of reduction in the instalment amount. Can somebody provide me the formula/excel sheet format to calculate the revised tenure of the loan?