Foreclosure / surrendering Life Insurance?

Recently my mom got trapped into getting a life insurance policy from an agent who has given false
promises and now understanding she wants to get the money back, is there any way, below are the details of the insurance.

Plan name: Reliance life insurance classic plan signle
Applied year : April 2011
Policy amount: 3lac

It is a single time premium and we were said this will mature only in 2026 and after i enquired
everything it seems like the amount we will get is 3,75000 after 15 years…. its kind of looking
ridiculous how an agent didnt even explained these things before making her sign the documents.

now is there any way of getting the money back, you response is appreicated, thanks


icici pru life time super foreclosure?

dear sir ,i have one ulip policy from icicipru life time super ,first premium 30000paid on 21.07.2006 and second premium also paid in 2007.but i am unable to pay third premium.A leter received from insurer your policy was foreclosed .ur current nav amount per the norms 60%of the nav amount for forclossing charges.balance 30800 rupees cheque enclosed the letter.the foreclosure was without my knowledge.this is correct?any expert please guide to intimation for foreclosure the [email protected] mobile no 09443104411

What is the best way to buy a house in Tacoma or Lakewood WA?

We are looking for to buy a house and .
There are so many agents and websites and prices listed.
Do we need to go through a real estate agent only?
Is there any Government agency which can help us find a cheap deal or should we contact banks if they have foreclosure properties.
Please guide us,we are confused on how to find a cheap deal.