How much tax will I have to pay?

Dear all,

I am a male, working as a Coordinator in the construction industry in a firm in Hyderabad, India.

My salary is Rs. 1,176,000 per annum. Housing is provided by the firm therefore no HRA is allocated.

Also, I have no savings / investment plans at the moment.

How much tax will I have to pay?

Thank you.

when is the due date for filing returns of partners of a partnership concern which is liable for tax audit?

normally due dates for individuals is 31st july, but for partners of a partnership concern which is liable for tax audit,will the due date be 30th september,i;e due date of the firm, as the partners personal details cannot be finalised until the tax audit of the firm is completed. also if we file the individual partners return by 30th september, whether they will get the benifit of carrying forward the losses if any for the further years.

Is part time job a good source of cash ?

like this year in May i will be completing high school and would go to a univ for further studies. I would be staying in a hostel,away from home. Any ideas what all options do i have, as in for the part time jobs ?? I would prefer working for a computer firm or something ,is it a good thought to follow ?
am kinda confused and all my friends are equally confused, and my seniors are struggling with wrong job choices. ! so please help 🙂

How about investing in Thornburg Mortgage Inc?

We all know Thornburg went bust but survived due to private capital injection. Losses have been managed till now, with its branches intact It all means a mortage firm starting again as good as a new one. But the catch here is, this firm has an established business, some asset and an experience private investor to back. So do you folks think at $ 0.07 Thornburg can be a good investment for the next boom.