Can I declare pre-closed home loan details in tax filing?

I applied for a home loan in feb-2012 and I paid pre-emi for 4 months [till may-2012] and I paid full EMI till dec-2012 after which I pre-closed the home loan account [by actually selling the property]. Can I mention the principal repaid / interest paid on home loan / income/loss from house property, when I submit my tax proofs for this financial year?

Can additional self assessment tax be paid after filing return?

In one case, self assessment tax was paid and ITR-1 form filled up and submitted electronically on 31st July, 2012. Later it was realized that some amount was forgotten while calculating income tax and extra self assessment tax is yet to be paid. Can this be done now? In this case, if the dept accepts the revised return. should the person send two ITR-V forms (the first one, though incorrect, should carry signature to validate the submission and the final one also for the same reason)? Thanks for suggestions.