Filing Income Tax Return Online in India?

1. I have income from salary(exceeding 10 Lacs) and interest from savings bank, accrued interest from NSC, Got a gift of residential house from my father worth Rs 6 Lacs and have some short term capital gain (actually loss incurred for this year, but I want to carry forward it to next year).
2. If I want to file income tax return online, should I use ITR2 or ITR4?
3. My dad used to prepare my return and for the last 6/7 years he submitted balance sheet during my return along with ITR1. But if I file my return on ITR2 this year… is there any option to file my balance sheet along with it? If no and if I still want to file my balance sheet how can I do it?
4. Is there any adavantage of filing balance sheet with ITR2?

about sbi life unit plus II pension?

I have invested in SBI life unit plus II pension .I had declared it under 80C ULIP for TDS . But when i got the letter from SBI it is under 80CCC .I called them and they are still saying its under ULIP.
If i declare this under pension fund 80CCC when filing income tax return will it cause any problem