Distribution of property between legal wife, his son and husband dispute because of 2nd marriage his grown mature kids


Please help me im resident of navi mumbai,maharashtra. my aunty is going through hard time because of her husband animal behaviour towards her and her legal sons.

every now and then her husband who married another women 30 years ago and has kids from 2nd women as well term his first wife as illegal and wants them to leave the house with his torture, untolerable behaviour with mental and sometime physical abuse with her and towards her 2 grown up sons who is 29 and one is 26.

both the sons are supporting her mother in every aspect of life from money to every thing from her health. she is tortured mentally every now and then under the influence of another women who was divorced because of cheating on him and even after divorcing her he again kept her as his wife without any legal notice as wife.

please help my aunty and please suggest what are the options avialable so that she and her son can get home and property legally. any family advocate will be really helpful or any social activities will also do we are in deep deep trouble and may also commit suicide because of the torture they are going through.

there has been serious of irrational scenarios they have gone through thinking this man will get better with time which has gone in vain the purpose of waiting is still zero and nulified because of his irrational behaviour towards them.


please help us..please…any kind person please help us

Plz tell me the Rights of self acquired property?

My uncle was a retired govt employee and he acquired the total property by his own, and he has a adopted married daughter, my uncle sold a land for his family expenses , but the adopted daughter has file a case on my uncle and the purchaser of land, is there any rights to her on my uncles self acquired property.

I have signed as secondary for my husbands bank loan.Will I be able to change it now?

I was forced to sign the bank loan papers of my husband as a secondary assurerer. Due to a family dispute, i am no longer living with him. Though he has not defaulted till now, I am scared that he might default sometime in the future.I dont want to be anyway connected to his bank loan. How can I change the bank loan records? Will it be possible for somebody else to take my place if they are willing?