Is a mentally ill widow of a Central govt. employee eligible for family pension?

My father died on 29th May 2010. He was a retired (March 2005) Central Govt. employee (Indian Navy). My mother is mentally ill (Paranoid Schizophrenia).

I want to know if:

1) She is eligible for the family pension?

2) Shall a bank allow us to open a pension account in her name or can it refuse to do so on the basis of her mental condition?

3) If allowed, can someone like me (42 y.o. son), be authorized to operate that account on her behalf?

Thanking you.


Enquiry on Family Pension of a retired Cental Govt.Employee?

One of my old aged relative was a central govt. employee who retired in mid 1975. His wife passed away due to a carcinogenic ailment. He is presently aged around 93 years, who have a son aged approx.60 yrs.old, who is a total mentally retarded with ill health and is fully dependant on his father for the last 35 years. The pernsioner is also having two younger son & daughter both married & staying in nearby area. He is staying alone with his mentally retarded son in a very shabby condition.He is having a persisting mental agony for this retarted son and want some arrangement for his crippled son before he passes away. The pensioner confides on her married daughter rather than the married son. So he wants that the family pension benefit to be passed for the maintenance of his retarded son by nominating his daughter.His financial standing otherwise is meagre for his son’s maintenance after his death. Can anyone provide detailed guidelines as to how the pensioner can make such arrangement.

80 GG deduction benefit for Family Pension Assessees?

Whether benefit of deduction u/s 80GG available for an assessee who gets a family pension ?

The assessee is a widow and does not have a residential property of her own or in the name of her immediate family. She lives in a rented property and has rental receipts for the same.

There is some confusion that u/s 80 GG is only available for assessees who are salaried or self-employed. Is this true ?

Is it possible to claim deduction u/s 80GG from the family pension income credited to her bank a/c during 07-08 FY particularly when family pension is taxable under the ‘income from other sources’ and not ‘head salary’?

Clubbing minor’s family pension :?

Pl. Answer in details : I recieved family pension of my life partner. Due to remarriage it is transfered to my child who is minor . But as a guardian , i am recieving the same on behalf my child ( daughter ) 14 yrs old. can the family pension club to my indivisual income ? or minor has to file ITR ( signed by guardian) separately if family pension and arrears if any are above the IT slab limits ?
2. if pension arrears and pay arrears of last 4 years recieved after transfered to minor’s name , the whole income treated as minor’s income ? or distribute to prev. pensioner also ( like sec. 89 ) ?

Guidance to claim family pension for handicapped son of defense civil pensioner.?

Can anyone provide guidance regarding me Claims for pensioner awards in respect of a deceased Defense civil pensioner who left behind his mentally retarded elder son (Unable to earn his livelihood), a younger son who is a government servant and having his own family and a married daughter?

The original family pensioner, Late Pratime Sinha (WIFE OF PENSIONER) passed away before the pensioner on 08-06-2003. During the lifetime of the existing family pensioner (Pensioner’s wife) the Pensioner submitted his request to the Pension authority, to record the payment of Family pension to his elder son after the lifetime of his wife, as his elder son is a mental patient since very long. The stated intimation in terms of Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) O.M. No. 1 (3) – EV (b)/74 dated 30-09-74 circulated under D.G.O.F. letter No. 307/R/A dated 06-01-1975. was submitted by the pensioner on 11-09-1995, which was duly receipted by the HOO & the PDA on 13-10-1995

The pensioner as per the government guidelines have nominated his younger son as his nominee for the pension account to whom he wished to authorize Life Time Arrear and family pension to his mentally retarded son, on his demise. He have duly submitted his nomination in favor of his younger son to the PDA to avoid hardship to his nominee to get the pension for the living of his mentally retarded elder son.

Under the circumstances, I wish to know the exact procedure to claim the family pension in favor of the mentally retarded elder son of the recently deceased pensioner, with the nomination for payment to his nominated younger son as his natural guardian.

Any guidance will be of immense help and bear my obligation.