From where can I obtain a development agreement made between my family and a builder,who refuse to co-operate?

My mother and I have one flat in the building which my grandmother sold to a builder in Patna, and none of the family members nor the builders associates are giving us the development agreement without which it is difficult to sell the flat. My father passed away five years ago, after which the family completely cut us off. Where and from which government office can i get the development agreement made between them?
The flat has been transferred to my mother’s name and we have the family division papers which clearly states her as the owner of the flat.

immigration marriage documents needed?

can any1 help my fiance has recenly been deported back to india he is indian national i am brittish i am unsure on what documents i may need for interview when applying for spouse visa some peopl say i may need savings account staements house hold bills birth certificate pay slips letters from my family members stating we are a real couple photos and so on does any1 no what documents i will need to provide to the authorities in india after our marriage also does my partner need any sort of id to apply for special marriage liscience will it be easy for him to apply for a passport after being deported alsowill it take long to bring him back to uk

how to face the loan problem? i have so many loan from various persons they are irritated everyday?

I have more loan from various persons.They all tourched and irritated me everyday.Now my whole family members are suffered from that persons.I have the ability to solve all problem within 8 months, but no one accept to wait. I dont know how to face and wat i do in my life. Plz answer me how to handle this problem and i want to live with my family without any loan problems.

Is Jyothis promoted by the same people who promoted the fraudulent company LIS?

Some of my family members and relatives had invested in LIS and haven't got their money back. I have heard that the promoter has made big fortune by investing this money in real estate but not willing to return money to small retail investors. Their office is still open to advise the investors that case is going on and so they cannot return money immediately. Making big fortune by investing in lottery doesn't make any sense and cannot sustain. What are the odds of winning a lottery!!!
Advise all not to fall into such traps and lose money.