how banks promote their locker system facility?

hi friends this is basha from india. i want to know more about how banks marketing their locker facilities. now i am pursuing mba. for analysing the case study given for me i need to know these details. please kindly help me to present my case study well. i hope a positive reply from you friends. thnk you very much.

Do banks charge anything from shopkeepers for giving them credit card facility?

Some shopkeepers like jewelers, in electronics shops, charge additional 2% over the price of the commodity if we pay thru credit card and the reason told is that they are charged by banks for this.Is this true or are they fooling the customers? Yesterday I bought a mobile phone and paid by credit card & the same happened to me.Have I been fooled?If yes, what action can I take against this?

a land received as ancestral property from our forefathers if it is sold what is the capital gain tax?

an acre of land received from our forefathers(estimated yr 1920) if it is sold what its cost of acquisition to calculate capital gain tax. the sale proceeds is to be distributed by 5 brothers & sisters.
an acre of agricultural land received from our fore fathers (no cost of acquisition can be attributed) if it is sold for rs. 20 lakhs what is the capital gain and tax and how to save the capital gain tax.