What is the utility of Rent Control Act in today’s time when every thing is available in open market.?

Rent Control act was probabely brought into force long back when people did not have enough to reside. Why should a tenant have a legal protection as Rent Control Act in current times when inflations are so high and there is no law to protect the elderly whose only source of income is rent. Even today tenants are using rented properties at less than one hundreth of the current prevailing rent and are protected by law??

If i am paying tax on every item I bye or consume, why should I pay additional income tax?

I am paying sale tax, road tax, entertainment tax etc then why is govt. forcing us to pay Toll tax, income tax etc. It is same as paying twice for same thing. Is it not the duty of govt. to make the roads, and bridges etc. And if govt is taking income tax from us then why should we pay various tax on every purchase or consumable we take.In the end of year a middle class man is left with nothing, only empty handed.