Online Payment by credit card query?

I filled up a payment form from my credit card to thinkdigit for subscription of their magazine.
After Entered the submit button , my browser was inactive and displayed ‘Page Load Error’.
How do I know if my transaction is complete? Is there any way to find out?

Which company is coming out with India’s First fundamentally weighted ETF based on Nifty 50?

it's motilal oswal who have come out with MOST 50!

Most Shares M50’ is slated to be first funda-mentally weighted exchange traded fund (ETF) based on S&P CNX Nifty Index (Nifty) in the Indian stock market.

It's an open ended exchange traded fund. The fund aims to generate investment return that corresponds (before fees and expenses) generally to the performance of ‘MOst 50’ basket subject to tracking error.

see here:

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When you don’t hate the Sin rather than the Sinner,
That is when you make the error,
This error will soon be called Terror.
People would soon loose those dearer,
Those innocent victims never knew that their death was nearer,
But yet nobody ever draws morals clearer,
That hating the sinner was an error.

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