Can anyone please explain me how to study charts of BSE & NSE?

I know the basic concepts of trading in equity. But I need to learn more and get into derivatie & F&O trading. for which i need to know proper method of studying charts. If anyone can explain it would be great.
thanx dude i know charts are just one of the many ways…..I just want to know that “one” way ….as even I am in the study part yet

1.what is the difference between systematic investment plan and equity linked savings scheme?

This is required for next year’s tax planning purpose.In case of opening SIP now what is the benefit and whether it will be more beneficial to open Equity linked savings scheme??Whether in the ELSS(equity linked savings scheme) a bulk amount has to be deposited??Any fixed period is there?
Whether rate of interest is market driven??Whether it is beneficial to invest in it when the stock market falls?

Why insurance companies charge fund management fees from ULIP holders?

In the recent economic crisis, a huge number of Unit Linked Insurance policy holders suffered heavy losses. Insurance companies deduct 2.25% on a regular basis as fund management charges. Had "fund managers" switch the money from equity to debt fund on time, ULIP holders would not have suffered such heavy losses. Is there any justification in insurance companies charging fund management fee when they cannot do the job properly?