i want to withdrawn EPF. Pls Help……….,?

frd……., i have a epf a/c no up/gkr/0048144/006 i am resigning my job nov.2011 but my boss is not interested in my EPF form Signature. my pf is in up gorakhpur and now i am in delhi so how i can withdra a epf amount i dont remember my joining date but i remember my leaving date. pls help me,,,,,,
nd suggest me what is the simple procedure

Information about NSC and EPF in India?

What is national savings certificate scheme. Different websites write differently and Post office site says something different.
Say If I have Rs 10000 to invest every year (I think max is unlimited), then when is interest payout, when does it mature ?

second, I have EPF account with Government in Bangalore. My balance details are not updated over internet. I had initiated transfer a year ago and did not receive any status. I did not receive any response on emails or anything on phone. Please help. how do I know my PF balance.. what is the procedure?
I can’t visit the PF office as it is in different city. Plase suggest if something can be done.

Isn’t it time for LIC to outsource it front office opertions to some pvt companies?

The work culture of LIC’s public dealing staff is still old fashioned. They refuse to realise that times have changed. I believe it is time LIC should engage some reputed pvt players to manage its day-to-day operations to compete with the pvt insurance entities. The present staff manning the sections should be given the option of VRS or change their attitude.
Any comments?

my basic salary is rs:30000 how much % of pf and pension cut?

I am Biswajit Maira I want to know about P.F Rule.
1. My basic salary is Rs:30000/month, Now my question is how much % of P.F and pension will deducted/month?
2. I want to know that for this any special permission will be taken from the P.F commissioner to my company.
According To my Company——-

Basic E.P.F EPF Diff between Pension Fund
12%and8.33%if any Contribution8.33%
31,163.60 3,740.00 1,144.00 2,596.00

I want know is this true or not? Please give me right information.
With Regards
Biswajit Maira
Phone No: 09934179650.

Pension calculation under EPS 95?

I was a member of EPf/FPF since 1/6/1973. As per my date of birth 11/6/1947, i completed 58 years on 10/6/2005.Althogh i was drawing nearly Rs. 45000p.m as on 10/06/2005, it has to be drawn on Rs.6500 only How much pension i shall get under EPS 95 Can any one tell me what will be correct pension and how it is caculated.