I have a serious doubt with regard to term plan insurance. In the present scenario, 21st Century, is it worth?

In term plan insurance, if the sum assured is 10 lakhs for 20 years, paying Rs.2500 annually as premium, then if the person is still alive after 20 years, will he receive a single penny back?
What about Endowment plan and ULIP policies!! I am really confused. Which one should I stick on. I am into my early thirtees. Going to marry. Entered into job recently only.

ULIP or Endowment Plan which is the best for me to invest 5k pm each for my retirement n my daughter’s future?

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I am pretty confused whether to take up a LIC or a Ulip for the long term investment. After searching the net and taking to the agents I am totally lost.

My budget is 10k pm. Out of that I want to invest 5k for my 11/2 yr daughter’s bright future and 5k for my retirement and insurance.

Can anyone pls suggest me any good Child Ulip which will cover the life of both the parents as almost all the Ulips cover only the father or the person on whom the Ulip is taken.

Coming to my retirement and insurance(both the combination), pls suggest me with the best plans available in the market(both endowment and ulip)

Also if I allocate the funds in my Ulip in such a way that most of my money will be invested into debit instruments and less into equities then will this secure my returns?? In which charges will be more, Ulip or LIC… ?

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Need to have personal insurance ?

I am 36 yrs old, having monthly income 25K.(planing for a 20 yrs policy)
I need a good insurance plan, also expecting to invest in Ulip, Nav, sip, mutual fund, Endowment …..!!! I don’t have any idea about this.
pls help me out to have life plan & investment plan
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cancellation of ulip plan? wat i will get?

on 1 feb 2011 i have taken endowment plus ulip plan from lic. Now i want to discontinue this policy as i was not told about the allocation charges and other charges. i have paid 50% amount that is rs10,000.
My question is if i cancel the policy within 15 days how much amount i will get?? and waht if i will cancel it after 15 days??

Endowment Plus ULIP from LIC.. why to take it?

three benifit a ulip plan offers:
1 risk cover(lower risk cover)
2 tax saving( )
3 return on investment (between 6 to 12 percent)

What about this….
1 Risk cover: if i buy term insurance from lic (higher risk cover)
2 Tax saving: if i invest in PPF(tax saving and return also)
3 ROI : if i would invest in equity directly or in MF(huge return with risk)

Now can anyone tell me what is the better option to invest money? and why??

or tell me in detail about pros and cons of both the options..
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