Please share your opinions on this question related to Investments ?

Why is it that many investors have been investing more in the secondary market of stocks rather than primary market ? Invetsment in the secondary market does not contribute to the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. On the other hand, Investing in primary market through IPO’s results in creation of assets and employment opportunities. The current situation of Recession demands that people pay more attention to the primary market rather than the secondary market. What are your opinions on this ?

Subsidies loan for open up a Branded retail Garments outlet?

I am working on a business plan for retailing branded garments as a Franchisee/consignment agent which will generate employment and a good revenue as well as for state govt.

The approximate project cost is 25L.

In the min time I want to know about the subsidies loan schemes from Indian Govt. or bank loans for this kind of retail business.

Please also suggest me other finance options.

Employer lieing about a laid off employee to get a home loan.?

I have a employee that was laid off over a month ago. He is applying for a home loan and they are trying to verify his employment here at my company. If I say he is not employed, he will not get the loan. If I lie and say he still is employed I could very well be granting the loan. Are there any implications on my end for helping him out if something comes up later on ?