How can i check my current home loan payments?

I took 42 lacs loan, three years back from a private bank. Till date I have paid 20 lacs. To my surprise they cut only 7 lacs from principal amount and I end up paying 13 lacs as interest rate. My EMI is INR 53858.00. I took that loan for 10 years. Is there is anything wrong? Please express your expertise.

Why for home loans the banks are calculating the interest rate?

I Check with the bank for the home loans,they told me 7.5% as floating & 7.25% as fixed,I need to know what is the difference between these two terms?

If i take RS.10,00,000 as home loan & the loan period will be 5 years,so with the interest rate 7.5%,what will be the EMI Per month need to pay to bank.

Please explain.