What is floating rate of interest for home loan?

I have taken a home loan from LIC for 14 Lacs in 2008 @ 10.75% interst. What should i do to shift my loan to current rate of interest which is around 9.75%?.As per floating interest rate, should it not be changed and result in lower EMI?

Does Indian banks buy back the gold coins sold by them?

Hi, I am planning to buy some gold coin for investment purpose. To make sure of purity, I am planning to buy from Banks. As its investment purpose, I will be selling it after I gain handsomely / in emergency.
So does anybody know – which Indian Banks buy back the gold coins sold by them?

Is interest paid on Car Loan Tax Deductible?

I am currently self employed and would like to purchase a passenger vehicle for general business use. For this purpose, I am planning to take loan from a government bank.

Will the interest portion on the EMI paid be deductible from my income tax calculations? If yes, then what percent of the interest amount is deducted from the income tax?

I have tried searching everywhere and could not find the answer to this question!
I live in Calcutta, India