This is regarding calculating Income Tax on Income earned between 01-04-2008 & 31.03.2009 ie AY 2009-2010?

My Father in Law has received following Income between 01.04.2008 & 31.03.2009.

He is Not a Senior Citizen & has no other Income

Salary : INR 4,26,420.00

Value of Perks u/s 17(2): INR 3,537.00

Investments Qualifying under
Sec 80 C ie (PF+PPF+LIC Prem) INR 1,14,610.00

Payments qualifying under
Sec 80 D INR 5,052.00

Interest Income INR 2,47,364.00

Dividends on Shares INR 82,000.00

Pls advise his Tax Liability showing how it was calculated

i m a house wife and earned more than Rs 10000 as an int. i hav 2 pay income tax. how much?

I am a house wife and i have earned more than Rs10000 in a year as an interest. so do i have to pay the income tax. if yes how much. please suggest me some methods how to save my money and pay minimum tax. I do not have much money. and also i don’t want to invest my money in post offices. is there any rebate if i deposit my money in recurring deposits? if yes than how much. please suggest me.