Non payment of credit card payment and personnel loan?

One of my friends left dubai to India without settling the dues of credit cards of 5-6 banks and personnel loan also. Altogether the the amount would be more that DHS 150,000.00 2-3 banks called me also and they were asking his contact no. in India . I dont have his no . However will the banks get their amount ? can they catch him?

my uncle is a credit card defaulter in dubai?

My uncle was in dubai for around 6 yrs, he had 10 credit cards all the uae banks. He had to leave his job during recession of 2008. He has unpaid amounts of each of his credit cards. Now he is in india,chennai. The recovery agents take the follow up. But now uncle is not able to pay the huge amount as he works at very less payment in india. He will b just not to pay the credit card money. What will b the uae bank action? plz help

How much gold can I take to India?

I was in Dubai on a Visit. I want to take some gold to India in the form of a Biscuit, as I am told that it is Pure. Can anyone tell me how much(in Grams) can I take so that I may not face any problem with customs.