Doubt in calculating Mutual Fund Dividends?

I have 1000 units of Reliance Diversified Power Sector MF. Current NAV is Rs.50 . On 17-Aug-2007, this MF has declared a Dividend of 30%. Will the Dividend be calculated on the Face Value of the MF (which is Rs 10) or on the Latest NAV of the MF (which is Rs 50) ? In other words, will I get 30% of 10000 or 30% of 50000 as dividend ? Please advice.

India – Health Insurance – Does the base premium is fixed for all the years or increases even if not claimed?

In India Health insurance companies coveres pre-existing diseases after 2, 3, 4 years of paying the premiums regularly. 1) I am having bp and sugar. Does my diseases will be covered after 4 years ?? do i have to disclose after 4 years, or at the time when i got a need to admit as in patient. 2) Second doubt, does the base premium is fixed or does it increases based on age slots. Even we not applied for claim kindly advice. thank you

What is the current KYC formality for new mutual fund investors?

What KYC formalities are to be done at the time of new mutual fund investments in India? is there any special form to be filled up for KYC or will I just have to submit my photo-proof and address-proof with application (in addition to PAN copy)?

Second, I have invested in several funds in small amounts. Will I have have to complete KYC formality for each fund?

How much amount is deducted (at source maybe) as a contribution towards provident fund??

As you’ll would have guessed, I really don’t know a lot about salary deductions and contributions. I will really appreciate if someone can enlighten with the way the salary works in India? what sections/heading are people paid under? Which of those fields are taxable? How much gets deducted at source and for what reason? What exactly is a provident fund or public provident fund? How much tax is deducted under professional tax?


Investing in the stock market?

Hello there,
I am a new to the stock market and would like to know what i need to do in order to start investing in the stock market online. I would like to know the process and there was also one doubt, is it possible to invest in Mcdonald’s, Coke or any other company which is not india. ?