Looking for a new house and need Vaastu Advise?

I’m planning to buy a new house. The flat is just above the drive way of basement parking. The main entrance door is from west and there is no north east corner (the flat layout is such that NE corner is outside). Kitchen is in mid north and master bedroom is in SE corner.
Please advise.

To all Indians and also if anybody anywhere who is specialised on banking this is a question to u…..?

i passed out of college this yr..i was given a bank draft to take away my caution deposite money frm my college..now that said its valid till 6 months of issue…
but my questin is simple…i have some how lost it…(loosing such a thing u can understand never is deliberate..i was carefull but misplaced it..somehow..)now its a Rs 5000/- bank draft.made frm punjab national bank.with my mane on it…
1. what should i do now?
2. can that be re issued?
3 please tell me a way i can get that draft back?
4. if it had fallen into some one elses hand..can he/she do something with it?(it had my name on it)

please help

if there is one door closed we all know god keeps 100 open for us!

How hard is it to get a job at the World Bank or IMF?

im a finance masters from the US and want to get into the public sector in development banking or projects. i realize that these 2 employers are the best for the kind of exp im looking for. however im also aware that they’re tough to get into, but just wondering how to start and what kind of competition i mite be facing. any info on how to get a foot in the door is appreciated, even an internship is fine at this pt. a chance is all i need…esp during these times.

From where I could get free counselling about property rights in India?

In Indian communities, generally it is seen that the son which is living with the parents is not in the good books of parents as compared to one which live at some distance from parents’ home. Although at the time of crisis, the son living with the parents comes handy for any type of assistance, help even some parents have the biased attitude towards their son which is living with them. Such attitude of the parents grab the rights of son living with them while giving property and favours the one which is not living with them. If some parents does not divide equal property, can someone knock the door of the court or should leave everything to God and time to decide!!

How to register complaint against commercial use of residential property?

I live in Jaipur, Rajasthan. My neighbor is running a guest house in residential area. The problem is he has a very high power generator installed which is kept in front lawn. Whenever there is a power cut, he starts generator that totally fills my home with Kerocine smoke. It becomes impossible to open any window or door. Any pointers on where and how should I log a complain?

c++ ques..find out total rental?

the ques is:
The company has different categories of vehicles with different pricing schemes.
Category Description Fee/week Fee/day FreeKm/week Insure/day ExtraKm
1 Compact 4 door $200.00 $30.00 3000 $15.00 $0.20
2 Standard 4 door $250.00 $40.00 3000 $15.00 $0.20
3 Classic 4 door $300.00 $50.00 1500 $20.00 $0.25
4 Luxury 4 door $400.00 $60.00 1500 $25.00 $0.25

After inputting the category of the vehicle rented, the following inputs are also required:
The number of days the vehicle was rented (hint: 9 days is equivalent to 1 week + 2 days)
The number of kilometres driven
If insurance was requested (1 for yes, 2 for no)
If a navigation system was rented costing $10/day (1 for yes, 2 for no)
Quantity of car seats rented costing $10 each per day; you can assume only values of 0, 1 or 2 can be input
If customer is a registered customer (1 for yes, 2 for no)

For each week rented, customers get a number of free kilometres. For a rental period of less than a week or an additional rental of part of a week no free kilometres are given and the customer is charged for kilometres at the ExtraKm rate

The subtototal is calculated on the basis of the category, the kilometres driven, the rental period, insurance and whether or not they have rented the navigation system and car seats.

The company has promotional deals for their registered customers so that they get a discount of 10% on daily and weekly rental charges and also get unlimited kilometres.

A tax of 13% (HST) is charged on the subtotal

and this is my solution to it
void main()
int category=1,total_days=0, num_days=0, num_week=0, km_driven=0, ins=2, nav=2, seats=0, reg=2;
int ins_rent,nav_rent,s_rent;
int fee_per_week,fee_per_day,freekm,ins_per_day;
float extrakm,extra_km_rent, basic_rental;
float sub_total,hst,total;
printf(“Category Description Fee/week Fee/day FreeKm/week Insure/day ExtraKmn”);
printf(“1 Compact 4 door $200.00 $30.00 3000 $15.00 $0.20n”);
printf(“2 Standard 4 door $250.00 $40.00 3000 $15.00 $0.20n”);
printf(“3 Classic 4 door $300.00 $50.00 1500 $20.00 $0.25n”);
printf(“4 Luxury 4 door $400.00 $60.00 1500 $25.00 $0.25n”);
printf(“nnVehicle category: “);
scanf(“%d”, &category);
printf(“nNumber of days: “);
scanf(“%d”, &total_days);
printf(“nKms driven: “);
scanf(“%d”, &km_driven);
printf(“nInsurance[1-Y/2-N]: “);
scanf(“%d”, &ins);
printf(“nNavigation System[1-Y/2-N]: “);
scanf(“%d”, &nav);
printf(“nCar Seats[0,1 or 2]: “);
scanf(“%d”, &seats);
printf(“nRegistered customer[1-Y/2-N]: “);
scanf(“%d”, &reg);
if (category==1)
{ fee_per_week=200;
else if (category==2)
{ fee_per_week=250;
extrakm=0.20 ;
else if (category==3)
{ fee_per_week=300;
extrakm=0.25 ;
else if (category==4)
{ fee_per_week=400;
extrakm=0.25 ;

basic_rental=fee_per_week*num_week + fee_per_day*num_days;
printf("nBasic Rental: $ %d",basic_rental);
int km=km_driven-freekm;
extra_km_rent= km*extrakm;
printf("nExtra Kms (%d): $%d",km_driven-freekm,extra_km_rent);


if (ins==1)
{ ins_rent=ins_per_day*total_days;
printf("nInsurance: $%d",ins_rent); }
else ins_rent=0;

if (nav==1)
{ nav_rent=10*total_days;
printf("nNavigation system: $%d",nav_rent); }
else nav_rent=0;

if (seats==0)
{ s_rent=10*seats*total_days;
printf("n%d Car Seats: $%d",seats,s_rent); }

printf("nSubtotal: $%d",s