Information on Indian Mutual funds — NAVs & Dividends — free downloads?

I am interested in Investing in Mutual Funds. For self Analysis purpose I want Daily NAVs and Dividend history of each fund in FREE downloadable form — may be in excel for easy sorting etc. In or, i get the info. But I can not download it for analysis purpose. Paid info is avaiable, but at heavy price. Please help. If any site is avaiable?

Doubt in calculating Mutual Fund Dividends?

I have 1000 units of Reliance Diversified Power Sector MF. Current NAV is Rs.50 . On 17-Aug-2007, this MF has declared a Dividend of 30%. Will the Dividend be calculated on the Face Value of the MF (which is Rs 10) or on the Latest NAV of the MF (which is Rs 50) ? In other words, will I get 30% of 10000 or 30% of 50000 as dividend ? Please advice.

Can I transfer my present SBI Savings account in zero balance account?

I have savings account in State Bank of India. I have taken cheque book facility, ATM card and net banking facility. Can I transfer this account into zero balance account? My transaction goes to a very up down level as near to 50 Rs or 50000 . But I cant maintain a minimum balance in it. Please help if you know details about it. Otherwise no need to waste the time. Thanks in Advance.

how the nifty is going up sharply when buyer is 5 lakes and seller found 14 laks in todays market?

i doubt that there is someone who is manipulating the nifty range in runing i found twice that when buyer was 5 laks and seller was 14 laks unfortunately the nifty climbed very sharply and never came the moment the indian market is not so strong due to various reasons then how the nifty reached 5500?should i cosider that inflation is nil?all the scams are solved?