Family property dispute , my grandfather had house constructed and gave possession of ground floor to my?

father , we are living there for last 40 yrs, he had 3 sons , after intestate death of my grandfather and my father and 1 uncle , the family cliam division of property in 1/3 rd . My father had put lot of money in construction of house and had renovated from time to time and no one had any objection then.
pls advice , can i retain ground floor of my hosue in possession.

Seek advice for resolving the dispute with ICICI prudential life time pension scheme?

I wanted to invest in some mutual funds prior to my retirement but officials of ICICI bank have misguided me and invested in above pension fund.Normally they are supposed to take consent from the investor but no such consent had been taken from me.
Now they are insisting me to pay minimum 2 additional premiums which I am unable to pay as I have already retired.
Primarily my interest is to get back the many ,if not to be treated as one time investment under the scheme.

I have signed as secondary for my husbands bank loan.Will I be able to change it now?

I was forced to sign the bank loan papers of my husband as a secondary assurerer. Due to a family dispute, i am no longer living with him. Though he has not defaulted till now, I am scared that he might default sometime in the future.I dont want to be anyway connected to his bank loan. How can I change the bank loan records? Will it be possible for somebody else to take my place if they are willing?