I didnt get my salary from June 2008 – Feb 2009. now If I get the money this year would I have to pay the tax?

This year my total earnings would be somewhere around 3.80 lacks (including last year’s 9 months pending salary) but I payed the other things like PPF and other things (which helps not to pay the tax…) will it be calculated all at a time this year or last year’s salary won’t count this year….??? i m bit confused… Can anybody help me out…?

I informed bank to change of adress but they didnt. I lost my money bcoz not received lnformation .what to do?

my F.D.R.was matured . due to some family reasons I was shifted to other town and was not renewed the FDR meanwhile I informed bank about cahange of adress.according to bank my money transfered in investors education fund and they say they informed on my old adress.when I asked why so / no one is ready to answer. every one say contact this and that .

what if father is alive and has written a will and didnt give his daughters, is she entitled to his property?

what if father is alive and has written a will and didnt give his daughters, is she entitled to his property?? and plz suggest me any idea because he is willing to give all his property to his sons.
yes my mother is hindu,indian and she isliving and serving him since past 15years but as in now he doesn’t want her previously he told to give some property but now he is denying it.she is helpless now give me any helpful suggestion….

Credit card bill of my father?

My father had a credit card of SBI bank. He had an insurance policy from that card. He asked SBI guys to close that policy but they didnt. I dont know what happened next whether he paid the bill or not.
He expired Jan2009.
Last month ie in august i started getting calls from the bank that i need to pay the amount of the credit card.

What should i do?

What r the meanings of the following terms?

1. National Stock Market
2.International Stock Market
5.List of 30 companies in Sensex today.(Please mention the date).

This is for my project on shares and dividends.I tried to find information but i didnt get any.Pls help me?