Mortage tax deduction interest?

I live in USA. I have a property in India. I pay mortage for it. Every month I pay the EMI in india by transferring to india.
May I claim the interest paid in USA while filing 1040.
I have called IRS and they have asking more questions and they were saying YES. I want to confirm with you all one more time. Please help me even my tax officer is going to read now only.

I own a house and have bought another house, doubts regarding tax treatment for IT deduction from my salary?

Iam staying in the first house and have bought another new (second) house on loan (spouse is co-applicant, but not co-owner).What are my tax implications regarding HRA,home loan EMI when filling for IT returns.Incidentally my spouse is also salaried in my same office. PLEASE REPLY.
The first house has no home loan, its only that Iam staying in it and purchased the second home on loan.