After MBA; Should I join as Clerk in SBI Hyderabad?

I am MBA Marketing working in Marketing Department of a Company at Mumbai;
My current sallary is about 20000/-
I got an order of selection in SBI as Clerk,
Please guide me to take decision.
Should I join as Clerk?
What will be the future as Clerk in SBI?
What are the Promotional Policies of SBH(SBI)?
Please help.
Thanks in advance

What home loan tenure should i opt for?


i have taken home loan of 17,37,000/- Rs. from HDFC bank, with initial tenure of 20 years. (i have paid only 1 emi till now, so it's fresh loan). Now i was just wondering whether tenure of 10 years or 20 years will be benifetial?

i did some calculations in following way for the period of 20 years:

if i go for tenure of 10 years:
emi = 24,921/-
so i pay emi for first 10 years,
and then i start investing full 24,921/- (in MF, eqquities, etc).
so my returns after 20 years (from now) will be 49,80,000/- (compounding with investment of 24,921/- pm for 10 years with return 10% pa avg.)

if i go for tenure of 20 years:
emi = 19,126/-
so i will have 5874/- (i.e. 24921-19126) cash available in my hand pm.m for investment for 20 years
so my returns after 20 years (from now) will be 42,19,000/- (compounding with investment of 5874/- pm for 20 years with return 10% pa avg.)

so, in above way, i see that tenure of 10 years will be benificial for me. But still i am not considering income tax benefit, and also am i doing compounding calculations in correct manner?

can anyone help me to analyze my calculations and point me to the correct decision?