Floating rate of interest and tenure of payment of EMI?

I purchased a flat availaing a floating home loan of 20 lacs from Canfin homes for a period of 20 years at a prevailing rate of 11.75%. During the 2 year period, until now, the rate has decreased to 10.25%. How will either the EMI or tenure of the home loan get affected or how does the change in rates impact my loan repayment. Thanks for the help
Will the loan tenure reduce if the rate changes?

Which policy should I invest in?

I am 27, and planing to invest Rs. 25K – 30 K in policy’s annually . Till now I am having LIC’s ULIP policy (for 10K), which is running into its third year. But planning to stop it after few years. Apart from it, I dont have even a basic medical policy. Neither do I have any basic idea about tons of policy’s available in market !!

So dear friends, guide me in following matters:

My basic requirements are: life cover, medi claim (which includes accident cover also i suppose), post retirement benefits (planning to retire at 55+), and flexibility to surrender policy with minimal damage (will keep policy of atleast 13 years).

Friends my question is, whether to buy different policy’s to suit my requirement ( i suppose some of my requirements can be clubbed together) , or get some policy with all that in it ( i m not sure if there is 1 with all that) ??

Also, by seeing the resent up and downs in market i m not sure is it best to invest in policy which has 100% proportion in market .

Please HELP

good pension plans….?

Dear friends,now i am 39 years old doing simple private job. i can save 5000/- per month and i want to plan for pension. can u please suggest me good and trusted any pension plan?

What are the options available for home business for women from Madurai ?

Dear Friends,
I'm from Madurai. I would like to know about the wide options available to start a home-based business with small investment.
Especially, with regard to textiles and tailoring, are there opportunities available to get any job work and do it from home.
Also, I don't know about the work providers in Madurai.
Please help me providing all the details of home business with small investment.
Thank you.